I am a Devop first and foremost. As a devop I have worked with Kubernetes, Terraform (along with HashiCorp’s CD offering), Chef, Puppet, and all the current top Cloud Computing providers. I have run remote devop teams as an Assoc. Director of Operations that included a QA group in India. I have also successfully migrated on-prem systems to Cloud Computing, specifically AWS. I am part of the team that converted all the Gizmodo Media Group’s (formerly known as Gawker Media) legacy system to a production Kubernetes system.


Skill Sets


Devops: Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, AWS, Other Major Cloud Providers (Rackspace, Azure, etc.), Chef, Ansible, Automated deployment/integration strategies (Jenkins, CircleCI, etc), Most Linux flavors (Ubuntu is my double rainbow favorite)
Languages: Ruby, Python, Bash, JavaScript (CoffeeScript, Node), plus many others
BDD: Cucumber, Capybara, Rspec, Selenium (and other aspects such as Factory_Girl)
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL SERVER, Oracle8i-9i, CouchDB, MongoDB
Design: Information Architecture/User Experience, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator
Other: Git (use and administration), Subversion (use and administration), Agile Project Management


Work Experience

Latest Position July 2015 - September 2017


Univision Communications, Inc. (Media/Entertainment) New York City
Senior Development Operations Engineer


I am part of the team that converted all the Gizmodo Media Group’s (formerly known as Gawker Media) legacy system to a production Kubernetes system, lifehacker.comio9.com, etc. We have also moved many of Univision digital properties from on-prem to AWS. I continue to maintain the infrastructure that touches all our properties which include, univision.comtheroot.comtheonion.com, and many more micro/marketing sites. I addition to that I also manage the relationship with the Developers and assist them in their needs for bootstrapping and deployment.

Used: Bash, Ruby, Chef, Terraform, Jenkins, AWS Api, Elasticsearch (Log aggregation/search), Docker, Java, Tomcat, Jboss, Node.js, MYSQL, Akamai.
Supported: All lower Environments (i.e. Integration, Development), Mobile (iOS and Android)
OSes: Mac OS X (my laptop goto and the Dev group’s), Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS


List of Full Time Positions 2008 - 2015


IDT (telecom) New York City
Devop Engineer


I headed devops for a small team that tackles SAAS projects that have short deadlines. I work with the team to deliver high availability scalable systems using Docker and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. We also work to improve process company wide. Helping to improve other initiatives throughout IDT.

Used: Bash, Ruby, RVM, Supervisor, GIT (including github api, gitlabs api), Nginx, Jenkins, Siege, Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana (ELK). Supported: Postgres, Redis, Ruby on Rails, and Nodejs.
OSes: Ubuntu LTS, Amazon Linux, and Mac OS X


kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners (ad agency) New York City
Associate Director of Operations


Our offering grew to include Devops and I took over the roll to institute a new Devops group with offsite assets. In charge of NOC and hands-on devops, which is responsible for over 100 servers. The focus is to support the applications coming out of the development group. The tech of these apps ranged from .NET to Python. Python Django apps being the primary language and framework.

Used: Bash, Ruby, Python, Chef (solo and server), RVM, god, Fabric, Supervisor, GIT (including github api, gitlabs api), Nginx, Jenkins, Zenoss, Siege, and Logstash.
Supported: Postgres, Redis, Django, Ruby on Rails, Yii, and Sitecore.
OSes: Ubuntu LTS, Redhat 6.5, CentOS 6.5, Mac OS X, and Windows (QA testing), IIS


kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners (ad agency) New York City
Platform Developer


Working on various projects with a focus to bring in a better overall development workflow, focusing on BDD. Project work consisted of architectural design of the system to writing Ruby implementing it. Training project teams in use of Cucumber and Capistrano. We are also implementing deployment systems for other languages in use such as PHP and Java.

Used Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, Cucumber, Rspec and raw Ruby for all needed applications.
Tools used: MacVim, GIT (use and administration), Capistrano (deployment) and multiple operating systems from Linux (to host apps) to Windows (testing apps)


Clash Media Inc. (lead generation) New York City, 9/2010 - 4/2011
Director of Technology


Managing of the Technology group and Ruby development for the international system that is used by all the branches of Clash Media. This application is being used to administrate all the lead generation systems we have, Ruby and .NET included. I also mentor the US development team and manage said team.

Used Ruby On Rails, Sinatra and raw Ruby to all needed applications.
Tools used: E-Texteditor, Subversion (use and administration), Capistrano/Webistrano (deployment) and multiple operating systems from Linux (to host apps) to Windows (testing apps)


Stylesight.com (fashion forecasting and image library) New York City
Senior Developer


Worked on two major initiatives. Enhancing the development cycle and rebuilding the back-end system for image processing (called Race).

Revised the development cycle for the development team by installing Subversion and training of all developers on the use of said revisioning system (there was none previously). Installed a project management system call Redmine to help track ongoing development for the main website and all other initiatives including Race and normal IT tasks. Also used Capistrano to deploy all the of the team’s projects (including PHP apps from the main website to smaller apps used throughout the company)

Race, an image processing system built with Ruby on Rails, is used to submit images to Stylesight’s image search engine (4 million plus images). I am rewriting Race from database architecture to front-end user interface, using Merb 1.0.11, Datamapper 0.9.11 and jQuery. The challenge was to streamline the user workflow and reduce maintenance pain points. This was accomplished by refocusing the DB design on the image, removing user access to the image file system and focusing the user interface on the image.

Used advanced JavaScript with jQuery framework to create interfaces and help manage cross-browser compatibility.
Used Ruby On Rails, Merb, Sinatra, and PHP to code Race and other applications.
Tools used: Coda, TextMate, Subversion (use and administration), Capistrano (deployment) and multiple operating systems from Linux (to host apps) to Mac OS X (to host apps) to Windows (testing apps)


Freelance Consulting Positions 2006-2008


Tacit Knowledge (system engineering consulting group) New York City
Web Developer


Developed the code for the front-end of web applications and websites. Was creative connection between the designers and the programmers. Work included CBWClaims.com and others.

Participated in Agile Project Management techniques that were used to manage every project in Tacit Knowledge.
Used AJAX jQuery, Prototype and advanced JavaScript to create interfaces and manage cross-browser compatibility.
Used Ruby On Rails to build the CBWClaims.com website.
Used .NET to build other websites for customers.
Tools used: TextMate, SVN (version control), Aptana (built with Eclipse), Adobe Connect and multiple operating systems from Linux to Mac OS X to Windows.


DDB Worldwide - Studio8 (in-house production of worldwide advertising agency) New York City
Web Designer


Created the templates for the Frigidaire website. Was hired to convert the approved design to HTML and make it cross-browser compatible from IE 5.5 to IE 7 and Firefox.

Used AJAX jQuery library to help with the cross-browser issues and to add dynamic elements to the menus and product pages.
Used CSS and HTML to create the approved design.
Tools used: Eclipse, SVN (for version control), PC and Mac computers for cross-browser issues.

Full Time Positions 1996-2006


Provided on request.




Queens College - Fine Arts major

Current studies - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Merb (i.e. Rails 3), Javascript and other database technologies such as PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB

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